Dangers of Giving Out Personal Information Online

Below is the first episode of our vlog. Dan and I are talking about some of the potential dangers someone might face when giving out personal information online. We talk very briefly about scamming, stalking, and stealing.

In our conversation Dan refers to online stalkers, or predators. If you want some good up-to-date information on how Internet predators operate and how youth are lured in, check out this fact sheet (pdf, 143kb) from the Crimes Against Children Research Center.

For a deeper look at this issue, watch this panel discussion or read the transcript (pdf, 145 kb) from the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee. It is an excellent discussion from some top experts in the area of online victimization of youth.

For more information about Internet scams, check out the FBI’s Internet Fraud page.

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Let us know: Was this video helpful to you? Were these links helpful? What sort of topics would you like us to cover on this blog in the future?

  • Posted on: June 28th, 2010
  • By: Luke Gilkerson
  • Under: Video Blog

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