An Informed Conscience Regarding Online Content Sharing

I came across an interesting article worth reading about stealing content online entitled: Dear Conscience – Internet Piracy

It is interesting that, in this case, they have the devil against stealing and the angel supporting the “sharing” of copyrighted content. Here are a few excerpts:

Shoulder Devil: “Forget the legality of file sharing, in my opinion nothing is illegal until you get caught. This is an issue of quality. Most pirated downloads are crap.”

Shoulder Angel:  “Sharing is caring!

This has been one of the first rules of being one of the good guys for a very, very long time. Share and share alike; that’s what I always say!

Besides, artists do their thing for the love of the arts anyway. All they want is to reach more eyes and ears around the world. They want to spread their hearts and souls to enlighten and inspire others’ day to day lives.”

This goes on and on, but the arguments do seem like the kind of things I hear people say about this topic – if they discuss it at all.

I must say, for the record, this is one of the few times that I’m with Hollywood. Sharing (of copyright material) is not caring – it’s stealing…

What are your thoughts?

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