Can Online Privacy or Anonymity Be Used Like Dr. Jekyll’s Potion Creating Mr. Hyde?

I don’t normally point to my own professional blogs from CSO Magazine or Government Technology Magazine, but I’m making an exception in this case.

I recently read an intriguing blog on the Harvard Business Review’s website that began with some excellent commentary on the news headlines surrounding our leaders behaving badly in cyberspace. However, the blog went on to offer advice to all of us with “Three Ps” to manage online indulgence successfully.

My analysis suggested that this guidance is a bit like turning Internet anonymity or online privacy tools into the secret potion that turned Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde, in the famous 19th century story.  If you go there (and I strongly advise against it), you can expect similar results as Dr. Jekyll – namely that you start to turn into Mr. Hyde without taking the potion (and involuntarily).

I think this topic is important for Christians to read and think about, so I highly recommend reading these two blogs in this order:

1) The Three Ps of Online Indulgence

2) My CSO Magazine response: Can Online Indulgence be Managed? Lessons from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

These are very relevant issues for our society at large who goes online, and I’d love to hear your views.

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