NEW – Freedom and Responsibility (pdf, 692 KB) – What should a Christian’s view of cyber ethics be? In January 2011, Daniel Lohrmann presented a lecture at the Center for Ethics and Public Life at Luther College. Download the transcript of his talk or listen to his presentation.

Cyber Lust and the Destructive Power of Porn (pdf, 631 KB) – Cyber lust includes pornography, cybersex, and even cyber flirtation. This white paper explores national trends in porn use and the impact it is having on individuals and society.

Busted: Okay, I Messed Up, Now What? (pdf, 736 KB) – Often secret Internet activities become public, many times to someone’s embarrassment. This white paper looks at the cyber behaviors we tend to hide from friends, family, and employers, and offers Christians powerful reasons to live with integrity.

Where’s the Motivation for Change? Faith and Hope in the Information Age (pdf, 843 KB) – When our cyber activities become a problem, we need deep motivation for change in our lives. This white paper offers five motivational challenges from a Christian perspective.

Parenting the Internet Generation: 7 Potential Dangers and 7 Habits for Internet Safety – What are the dangers you, as a parent, need to know about the Internet? This free e-book will give you valuable stats and information that will equip you set healthy boundaries and have good conversations with you kids and teens. (When you click on the link, you will be taken to where you will be asked to enter an e-mail address to receive the book.)